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February Program: The Artistic Career of Jeffrey Hoffman

By: Dylan Bowman, HAHS Board Member

March 2, 2023

The Guest of Honor

The guest of honor for February's program was wildlife painter and local celebrity, Jeff Hoffman, who had been an artist since his youth. Throughout school, as he mentioned in his presentation, he didn't really enjoy or do well in math and English. Instead, he had a strong passion for art, particularly drawing.

After a number of classes didn't go as planned, he talked to a teacher who told him to pursue his passion.

"You should start doing something you love," the teacher had said to Hoffman. This got the teen remembering his love of art, and thereafter he honed in on perfecting that skill.

Hoffman eventually became an art teacher at Central Dauphin School District, teaching for 35 years. During this time, he started painting his collection of now-famous wildlife portraits depicting various animals in outdoor scenes. He also painted many wildlife portrayals for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which used them in their magazines and articles to the public (see above photo).

Hoffman is not currently painting but has an interest in potentially continuing his work in the future. As of now, the communities of Halifax and beyond enjoy the masterpieces he has created.

Jeff Hoffman during his presentation. Photo by Dylan Bowman.

Each painting displayed an amazing amount of detail, down to the intricate fibers of every hair, feather and blade of grass. The technique used by Hoffman to create this photo-realistic effect is done through the use of a very small brush.

It was clear to all who attended and know Hoffman that he takes great care in his work, ensuring a stunning product in the end.

Several of Hoffman's most famous paintings that were displayed on the night of the February program. Photos by Dylan Bowman.

Outstanding Turnout

The February program brought out a record number of visitors, packing the society to the brim with community energy on the blustery winter evening. With 54 in attendance from across the valley region, it was a wildly successful event, bringing both old and new members and visitors together to enjoy the presentation and one another's company.

We heartily thank Mr. Hoffman once again for his outstanding gift to the Halifax Area Historical Society in sharing his art and story with the community. It was certainly a night to remember!

If you are interested in visiting the society or any of its upcoming events, visit our Events page. We hope to see you there!

Community members enjoy Hoffman's presentation and the refreshments afterward. Photos by Dylan Bowman.

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