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Founded in 1987, we have a burning passion for local history in the Halifax, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. It is in these hills and valleys of south-central PA that friendships were formed, marriages and burials took place, battles were fought, families grew and legacies were created. Without our history, we wouldn't be where we are today.

By remembering and preserving the past, we aim to build a better future, working together with the family friends and community around us, forming new memories and history along the way.

"A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable."

 - Thomas Jefferson

Our Mission

Our Mission

At the Halifax Area Historical Society, it is our mission to find, preserve and share local history with the Halifax community and spark a love of history in individuals.


Our Vision

In doing all of this, we aspire to foster a brighter future by remembering and restoring the past, cultivating a love of history in the generations to come.

We Need Your Support Today!

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