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Halifax Memories of Matrimony

By: Dylan Bowman, HAHS Board Member

March 27, 2023

One of many HAHS photographs depicting happy newlyweds from Halifax. Photo by Dylan Bowman

Old photographs. They are the bits and pieces of histories, great and small, that tie us and our communities together into the bigger picture that is the history of the United States, our previous ancestries, and the world itself.

In my lifetime thus far, I have noticed that old photographs are often one of the most popular ways of viewing history and learning more about the past, as I am one of the statistics in this count and have seen it countless other times in family and friends.

Furthermore, within this fact it is clear that many photographs of married couples, particularly on their wedding days, are a large draw as it shows the beginnings of new families that, in turn, have made the people and communities that we associate ourselves with today.

In the March Special Program, HAHS Board Members Danean Walker and Bob Warfel set up beautiful displays to show dozens of photos, marriage certificates, church artifacts, and portraits from the HAHS archives that displayed Halifax and its residents in times long gone, particularly those married couples that lived in and around our town.

A Welcome Surprise

As Sunday's special program opened its doors to the public, a large collective of community members flooded the Historical Society building to reminisce and learn from the photos and articles that displayed hundreds of marriages, anniversaries, and other Halifax events that live in infamy. Some photographs were aged over a century.

Attendance docked at 36 visitors, hitting an all-time high in the still-young special programs put on by Walker and Warfel, making the event a large success. Best of all, many new faces were seen in this number, most of whom expressed their interest in assisting the society in some way and joining its ranks in the near future.

We look forward to the continuation of this year, and as Spring kicks into high gear, it is clear that there is a new energy blossoming in Halifax ready to make history.

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