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He was Admirable...ARE YOU?

By: Dylan Bowman, HAHS Board Member

September 30, 2023

He was admirable...ARE YOU? Photo by Dylan Bowman.

A Historic Face at the HAHS Pre-Game Carnival

Last night was a magnificent success for the whole of Halifax, as hundreds of families, friends and individuals came out for a pre-game community carnival spotlighting many local and school-based clubs, organizations, and companies and Friday Night Football, starring none other than the Halifax High School Football Team. The event itself was organized and run by Halifax Communities That Care and, throughout the evening, proved to be an effective and entertaining way to bring the community together for some fun and fellowship before the game later that night.

As the evening began and the crowds grew just off to the side of the field, the Belsnickel was spotted giving out candy and historical society brochures to children and families that were on their way to the game. A few individuals were taken aback by the "Furry St. Nicolas," (most certainly impish folk looking to steer clear of his justice), but most all were pleased and smiling at his pre-Christmas arrival and expressed their excitement and interest in the parade and festival coming this December 2nd.

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The Belsnickel and Halifax Area Historical Society spread the word of his imminent arrival this December. Photographs by Dylan Bowman.

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