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Belsnickel SPOTTED at Halifax Halloween Parade!

By: Dylan Bowman, HAHS Board Member

November 4, 2023

Candy...and a Switch

Only a few short days ago, the annual Halloween Parade took place in Halifax. With sidewalks throughout the town packed to see the large parade and its many participants, it was a turnout to remember. Candy and small treats flowed through the streets to old and young alike, causing a great sense of community to fill the air.

However, one highlight of strange proportions is worth noting from the October event...reports are still coming in that the Belsnickel was seen roaming the streets with the other marching participants.

Many of the reports claim that he looked "dazzled," "disoriented" and "downright grumpy."

Furthermore, people claiming to have seen the Belsnickel state that he was not handing out the usual candy from his sack, but rather paper flyers that foretold his imminent return to deal out fair judgment and reward to those who are deserving.

The Belsnickel poses for a photo with Head Color Guard Instructor Emily Graff of the Halifax High School Band. Photograph by Dylan Bowman.

If you see (or have seen) the Belsnickel, please tell your children of his coming and do your research. While searching the countryside for him, we were able to interview the legend himself and get some answers to get you started. View that interview here.

The Halloween Parade itself turned out to be an amazing success for the Halifax community. We look forward to the day the Belsnickel returns and the festivities that will arrive with him. We hope to see you December 2nd at the Halifax Youth Center when he does!

The Belsnickel confronts Halifaxians and hands out flyers marking his return in the Halifax Halloween Parade. Photographs by Dylan Bowman.

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