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A Sweet History in this April's Special Program

By: Dylan Bowman, HAHS Board Member

May 3, 2023

Relics of Halifax ice cream history. Photo by Dylan Bowman

With April on the edge of its last day, the Halifax Area Historical Society again pulled out all the stops to display local history to the public. The focus of this past Sunday: sundaes.

Through photos, documents, and artifacts, the Halifax story of its ice cream shops was told with stunning visuals that caused the viewer and reader to look inward and remember days when The Tropical Treat and Faye's Ice Cream had flourished in the town, drawing large crowds of young and old alike to enjoy their frozen treats.

Museum curators Danean Walker and Bob Warfel created several extravagant and in-depth displays that spotlighted a great portion of Halifax's history. The main focus was Halifax ice cream parlors throughout the years, but other histories were also available for viewing.

In addition, the museum was also open to the public on the day of the program. If you haven't seen the museum in a few months, then you haven't seen the museum! Through the tireless work of Walker and Warfel, the museum has been refurbished, cleaned, and organized for an easier and more conditioned viewing experience. We hope you'll consider stopping by!

Visitors take in the rich history of Halifax ice cream shops. Photo by Dylan Bowman

A Sweet Turnout

With summer right around the bend, the Halifax community and communities beyond are beginning to stir. The sun and rain of Spring have turned the valley into a full green inferno, tree buds exploding into vibrant leaves and bringing an air of liveliness to the residents of Halifax. Hot weather...and thus ice on everyone's minds.

The turnout for the April special program drew around 41 visitors and was a smashing success, already topping last month's attendance record of 36 visitors at the special programs. With this exciting development, I can personally say I am looking forward to what the summer will bring, with families and individuals roaming the town day and night, looking for connections and events to make new memories with their own kin.

To learn more about the Society or Halifax area history, be sure to check out the upcoming programs and special programs by visiting our events page. We would love to see you there!

Visitors learn about various aspects of Halifax life in the past and its effect on the present. Photo by Dylan Bowman

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